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Pandemic Paintings

Artist Statement

The work I made in 2020 was a revelation for me. I freely gesture with paint, markedly playing with the transparency and opacity of color in order to both flatten and pronounce the surrounding space. One’s eyes begin to hover above the page, tracing the path of light, color, and negative space that become a labyrinth within the page. These paintings are spaces for the imagination to immerse in pure visual experience, like staring into a blooming flower or watching fireworks explode. I love color harmonies and employ them as if a key to the senses. My works span over a time of caring for my son, caring for a dying parent, and entering the current experience of the pandemic. These paintings are about life, the miraculous gift we experience each day, that I refuse to take for granted. This body of work is a celebration of seeing, feeling, and sharing emotions–and above all–my love for color and the poetry of perceptual experience.

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